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The Gate Theatre is an artist-led organisation producing original work of world-class excellence which inspires, challenges, and entertains audiences. The Gate Theatre is the closest Dublin city theatre to Hotel 7 and one of the most popular theatres in the city. It always offers a great night’s drama, whether from Oscar Wilde or Roddy Doyle. It is one of Ireland’s oldest and most loved theatres, conveniently located in the heart of Dublin. If you’re looking for a hotel near the Gate Theatre, Hotel 7 is the perfect option.

The Gate Theatre was founded in 1928 by Hilton Edwards and Micheál MacLiammóir. During their first season, they presented seven plays. Their productions were innovative and experimental and they offered Dublin audiences an introduction to the world of European and American theatre as well as classics from the modern and Irish repertoire. It was at the Gate that Orson Welles, James Mason, Geraldine Fitzgerald and Michael Gambon began their prodigious acting careers.

Where to stay

Whether you are interested in English literature, a lover of seeing plays or just want to do something different for the night, the Gate Theatre is the place for you and Hotel 7 is the best destination for your stay. Hotel 7 couldn’t be any closer to the Gate Theatre with only a few minutes’ walk to the theatre. Our hotel is the ideal choice if you need a night away or if you’re visiting Dublin.